Real Estate Marketing

The purpose of any business card is to get potential sellers to call you. It is not to impress your family and friends, show off creative art work or flash an impressive title you gave yourself. But simply to get motivated sellers to call or email you that they are interested in learning more about how you may be able to solve their real estate problems.

Here are 10 things every real estate investor should include on their business card to be truly effective in getting motivated sellers to call.

1. Business cards should always be two-step marketing; offering a FREE Report or FREE Consulting in exchange for them calling, emailing or going to your website. You cannot make a direct sale with a business card. It is only the first contact in the sales process. You are simply trying to get the potential seller to call, email or visit your website where you can capture their contact information for future follow up.

2. The business card must feature your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as a headline such as We Buy Houses FAST or How to buy a new home without bank qualifying or a large down payment. Be compelling with the USP and it will attract attention. The worse thing you can do is to bore your prospect with your headline.

3. The FREE offer or FREE consulting should be of such value that the potential seller actually treats the card like a gift card versus a business card. If they do not take immediate action, they will actually make a mental note to save the card for later use if the offer is compelling enough.

4. Attract attention with a business card by making it stand out, such as a $100 bill or use bright fluorescent yellow or orange card stock. You can also make your card stand out by making it oversized, an odd shape or with rounded corners. Again, do things that make your card stand out from other business cards.

5. Tell people what you have to offer, such as a full price offer, quick sale or take over back payments but always put it terms of benefits to the prospect. Tell them whats in it for them, and not all about you and the awards you have won.

6. Provide multiple ways to contact you including cell phone, office, fax, toll-free, email, website and snail mail address. Not everyone prefers to communicate in the same way, so be sure to allow them their preferred method.

7. Add social proof by including testimonials from customers, sellers, tenants, or anyone in your network. Just be sure it shows a great customer experience and is clear and concise.

8. Do not waste space telling people how great you are, how long you have been in business, how you offer great service, announce an award you won or show a photo of yourself. These are all a waste of valuable space. People do not care about this stuff. They want to know how you are going to help them solve their own problems.

9. Tell people exactly what to do next. Do not assume they will figure it out on their own. You can also add a post script such as P.S. Dont forget to get my FREE Report!

10. Lastly, the single most important thing to do with business cards is to get them out to potential sellers. I have never seen a business card create any business sitting in its original box.